1: Fill heat resistant cup with a small amount of water and then place paper cup inside.

2. Place 5 grams of wax in the paper cup and warm it in the microwave. 500W Microwave 5 minutes. 600W Microwave 4 minutes. Be careful not to over heat and beware of hot wax, it can burn.

3. It is ready to be stirred when all the pellets have melted. Then stir for 1 minute with the wax applicator stick.

4. Gather enough wax on the end of the stick by inserting the end and rotating. Follow the first two images. It shouldn't have too little or too much.

5. Insert the wax into your nostril. Rotate the stick as you insert it to make sure you catch all the hairs. Be cautious not to catch any mustache hairs. Finally wait for 1 minute while the wax sets.

6. Once the wax has completely set hold the base of the stick, with your free hand pinch the sides of your nose lightly and lift upwards. In one swift move pull the stick down and out. All of the hairs will come out at once.

7. Breathe, feel amazing. Use and appropriate moisturizer (not included) to moisturize your nostril.